Swift Publishing provides a comprehensive and flexible range of premium publishing services for independent authorsWe're not a faceless global corporation with a multi-million pound, automated website; we're a small, independent business, based in Warwickshire. We'll actually talk to you about your book and your publishing needs and we'll suppport you through your entire publishing journey.

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If you'd prefer to publish with Swift our Swift Publishing Package is very popular and provides a comprehensive publishing solution for your book and eBook. Alternatively, those authors preferring to retain full control of the publishing process, can choose our publish yourself service.

Self publishing is fast becoming the favoured route to getting published for both experienced and first time authors' You may want to publish your book as a stepping stone to a contract with a traditional publishing company. Many self published authors are professional speakers or trainers who want to make their book available to their audiences. The majority, however, are people who just have a story to tell... a novel, a childhood memoir, a family history, an autobiography, a children’s book, a poetry collection, or a religious book. 

Traditional publishing companies and even some literary agents no longer accept ‘unsolicited manuscripts’ from unpublished authors; the ‘slush pile’ is a thing of the past. Unless you have contacts within a publishing company, or you are a celebrity, your chances of getting a traditional publishing contract, with or without a literary agent, are slim.  

Witht the advent of print on demand in the nineties, however, self publishing a book or eBook is now an accessible and cost effective way of getting published. Swift makes it easier than ever before to become a published author.